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Many of todays soulful, hip-hop, and jazz-influenced artists have acquired the services and consultancy of the KFP collective. Based in London, where their musical roots flourished, the KFP Enterprise LLC (KFP) specializes in providing a competent and equilibrium service with a proven record of accomplishment of experience as a proficient company.

As a collective, the principal founders of KFP have over 35 years combined experience in the music industry. They have seen the changing face of music from the 1960‘s to date, and have been hands on from grassroots to the corporate level. After participating in various projects and working with major labels and many independent record companies around the world, the KFP team has established long-term relationships throughout the industry. These relationships allow KFP provide the most up-to-date music and vintage classics to club/radio DJ's and other outlets around the world.

With successful ventures in live events, concerts, and performances worldwide, KFP has been responsible for breaking upcoming artists into new markets. Our team has also supported the promotional campaigns of established and iconic artists for appearances and concerts in nightclubs, radio interviews, and placement in media publications.

In addition to promotion, KFP publishes music compilations, provides remixes, and artist management services to further assist with the direction of our clients careers. Also, in their arsenal of services, is creating platforms for dance and performance groups gain exposure on an international level while still in their infancy.


Our Clients

Over the years we have had the pleasure to work with many wonderful companies, these are a few...


Black Market Records KFP
BBC 6 Music
Echoes KFP


Mama and co
MC Mastercuts


Rare KFP
Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club
Sounds Like London

Warner Music Group


Meet Our Team

Learn more about a few members of our team...

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Barry King

fitzroy facey

Fitzroy Facey

Promotions & Publicist